Lifted Industry 10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool

10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool for smoke , vape and pipe problem solving

Lifted Industry 10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool

The Lifted Industry 10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool is a leader in its class with unrivaled quality, functionality and attention to detail. This rugged multi-tool aids in rolling, dabbing, cleaning, scraping, trimming, packing and countless other tasks for smoke and vape problem solving in one portable E.D.C.(Everyday Carry).


  • 10 Convenient, problem solving tools for the modern smoker.
  • Titanium Bonded coating for greater temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • Includes a portable Nylon carry case with belt and carabiner loops.
  • Features a hard stop mechanism that secures tools in place for safety.
  • Folding style handle provides distance away from heat sources.
  • Pivoting tools feature a hard stop for ultimate control and safety.
  • 420 Stainless Steel CNC parts in a black oxide case.


  1. Scissors - Trim, Split
  2. Packer - Tamp, Break
  3. Edge - Clean, Detail
  4. Fork/Opener - Dab, Bottles
  5. Spatula - Dab, Scrape
  6. Poker - Dab, Unclog
  7. Scoop - Dose, Move
  8. Shovel - Dab, Transfer
  9. Pick - Stir
  10. Clip - Roach Clip


  • 1 Toker Multi-Tool
  • 1 Nylon Carry Case 


Cleaning and Care:
*DO NOT clean ANY surface, or part until it is FULLY cooled from heat exposure and in a well ventilated area. Treat sticky, or affected tool surfaces with a non-abrasive fabric cloth, or pad soaked with Isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surfaces clean. You can also, briefly soak the affected tool in a container with Isopropyl alcohol and stir until the residue is removed. This should only take 30 seconds to 1 minute to work. Finally, dry and wipe clean with a non-abrasive fabric cloth, or pad before using again. *Do NOT soak in alcohol, or expose to high heat for prolonged periods at a time for product longevity.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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